Narendra Modi : From tea seller to Prime Minister

  • June 21, 2017
  • Cassandra Steinlein

Narendra Damordardas Modi was born in September 17th 1950 in Vadnagar, in Gujarat. He is currently the 14th prime minister of India since 2014, and a member of the political party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Everyone knows Modi, even in France. He is respected and he is one of the most liked leader of the world. But it is hard to know exactly who he is.

Political life

He began his political life in Gujarat, where he became chief minister from 2001 to 2014. He was ruling well, but despite that, he was a controversial figure. In 2002, when a train was burned down, around 58 people died. A rumor was spread, saying that Muslims caused this accident. A wave of violence affected them, and approximatively 900 to 2000 people died. Some said Modi did not try to stop this violence, and even encouraged it. Riots forced him to resign.

The same year, he is elected again. He put in place a strong and effective strategy that changed Gujarat. He highlighted the economic growth of the region and allowed it to become an attractive place. He aimed to reduce corruption as much as he could. His efforts brought some promising results.

In 2014, he is chosen by the BJP for the election of the prime minister. His campaign was successful and he was finally elected in May. He then created something quite unique, a yoga ministry, in order to promote the benefits of Yoga and the traditional medicine (Ayurdeva, homeopathy, etc…).

Modi carries a strong image of India every time he visits another country and is clearly making India great again (contrary to Trump, if you see what I mean).

His great actions

It is well known that Modi have always been against black money. Corruption is something he is fighting since and even before he was elected as prime minister. That is why he required demonetization in November 2017. This action helped to reduce corruption, but it still not eradicated.

During the G20 meeting, he asked the other countries to wage war against black money and corruption. All the major countries agreed.

Modi is trying to make the economy grow as well. For that, he visits other countries and tries to negociate with them in order to get a deal. He visited France few times, so that he could get investments and accomplish his project “make in India”, a campaign existing since 2014. It aims to create employment and increase the GDP. Modi wants India to be a part of the strongest

Modi is aiming to reduce the number of slums as well, by launching a project named “Housing for all by 2022”. The building of around 20 million affordable homes is planned.

Modi is also concerned for his people’s health. That is why he launched another program named “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” (“clean India”). It aims to eliminate open defecation and manual scavenging. To achieve that goal, the government planned to construct millions of toilets in rural areas.

Concerning the foreign policy, Modi is implicated in international projects, such as the G20, the COP 21, etc. He met a lot of leaders in countries in the entire world, and brought a new image of India.

Of course, he has done a lot of things as a prime minister till now. He is respected by the majority of Indian people thanks to that kind of actions.

Personal life

Narendra Modi’s parents were grocers in Vadnagar. He used to help his father by selling tea. Then, he opened his own stall with his brother. He was described by his relatives as a keen debater and an average student, with a gift for rhetoric as well.

When he was eight, he discovered the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a hindu nationalist organization. It is often considered as the parent of the ruling political party of India, BJP. It advocated hindu nationalism and aims to reunite hindus in order to form a strong community. Around 6 million people are members of this organization. Modi met Vasant Gajendragadkar and Nathalal Jaghda, the founders of BJP, during his training with RSS.

Soon after, his parents organized an arranged marriage for their son with a girl who lived closed by, Jashodaben Narendrabhai Modi. They married in 1968, despite Modi’s will. He was 18, and she was 16. They lived briefly together, before Narendra Modi left in order to travel in northern and north-eastern India. They never consummated their marriage, and Jashodaben lives with her brother and his wife. She is seen as a true Indian woman, because she remained faithful to her husband, even if they were separated for fifty years. He finally admitted in public in 2014 that he is married with her during the election campaign.

Modi went in Ahmedabad, and worked with his uncle in the latter’s canteen. Before the Indo-Pakistani War in 1971, he took part in protest against the government in New Delhi. He was arrested for that. He soon left his uncle in order to become a campaigner for the RSS.

As a prime minister, Narendra Modi is widely liked by his people. He inspires and gets a high overall approval rating. He dedicates himself to his political life and the well-being of his people.

Unusual things to know about Modi

  • He is vegetarian
  • He is a workaholic and an introvert
  • He inspired the fashion with his famous Kurta
  • He comes from a poor background
  • He received the US Visa after he was elected Prime Minister
  • He likes to write poems in Gujarat and photography
  • He only sleeps 5 hours every night

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